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Founded in 1901

Over 5000 students (including 2300 FTE students)

Over 600 staff members

8 departments

HAU offers 85 degrees courses from Bachelor to PhD level

Edgmond, United Kingdom

Harper Adams University - HAU

Harper Adams University (HAU) is the UK’s leading higher education institution with a focus on agriculture and the land sector.
HAU’s teaching and research focuses on sustainable agri-food and land systems, with strands on livestock and crop production, and their impact on and relationship with the food supply chain, food security, land use and natural resources management.
HAU has extensive experience of international collaboration and is involved in a range of teaching collaborations.
HAU has expertise in precision agriculture, mechatronics, data management, robotics, GIS and remote sensing, as well as in intelligent livestock. remote sensing and intelligent livestock. Through the National Centre for Precision Farming (NCPF) and the Agri-EPI Centre, it has access to a range of agricultural engineering companies and other stakeholders in the UK.

HAU’s Vision

• Closely engaged with the industries, professions and organisations that comprise the global agri-food chain and the UK rural economy to deliver a high quality and inclusive learning environment that enhances personal development and employability;
• A recognised centre of research excellence, especially in the application of science and technological advances and;
• A trusted source of independent and authoritative commentary to inform public and policy debate on agri-food, animal welfare, land, environmental and rural business matters.
HAU’s Mission is to provide world leading higher education and research for the delivery of sustainable food chains and the protection of rural resources for future generations.

HAU’s Values

• HAU has a strong set of values that have underpinned its development since its foundation nearly 120 years ago. The four core values are that we will be outstanding, inspirational, distinctive and inclusive in all that we do.

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