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First Deliverable - PR1

Mapping of AgTech trainings

PR1 aims to offer a comprehensive overview of AgTech higher education programs across Europe, encompassing EQF levels 5 to 8 and lifelong learning programs. The primary goal was to define the core components and distinctive features of these programs, with a particular emphasis on their connections to sustainability.

To achieve this objective, a survey was meticulously designed and dispatched to 84 higher education institutions (HEIs) in 11 countries during January and February 2023. Furthermore, surveys were also sent to LATEST’s five partner institutions in September 2022, resulting in a total of 89 survey requests.

Out of the 69 programs that underwent the survey, 22 were selected for inclusion and are now featured in the PR1 mapping. The selection process was conducted by UniLaSalle based on the information provided by the HEIs. In cases where a direct link to the study track was not available, a connection to the EQF program was incorporated.

PR1 mapping takes the form of an interactive catalog and is detailed on individual pages.

A distinction was made between the different:


- Universities, Schools
- Manufacturer
- Further stakeholders (e.g. consultants), [..]

Target groups

- Farmers
- Contractors
- Students
- Trainees, […]


- Development
- Use/Application

Forms and Further aspects […]

- In presence, online, hybrid […]
- Entry requirements
- Costs