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Fourth outcome

LATEST Micro-credential courses

Within Europe a growing number of people need to update their knowledge, skills and competences to fill the gap between their formal education and the needs of a fast-changing knowledge-development society and labour market in agroecology, agronomy and agrotechnology.

Our Goals

LATEST will develop micro-credential courses to fill this gap, but also to meet the labour market demands and needs for more flexible, learner-centred forms of provision of education and training. Indeed, micro-credentials allow for targeted acquisition of skills and competences, adapted to a changing society and labour market, as well as being part of traditional qualifications. Before developing these courses, LATEST will carry out a need’s analysis of the target groups of learners regarding their skills, knowledge and experience.

Our Methods

LATEST will use the methods of RPL - Recognition of Prior Learning, which will also include the validation of non-formal and informal learning.

The purpose

LATEST micro-credentials could be combined to a traditional Master and are intended to be an essential tool for lifelong learning and employability.