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Micro-credentials are offered as single certificate courses in agroecology, agronomy and agrotechnology. Micro-credentials allow for a targeted acquisition of skills and competences, adapted to a fast-changing society and labour market, while being part of traditional qualifications. LATEST

LATEST ambitions to identify the actual situation and the future educational/skill needs to support a sustainable agricultural transition in the next 15 years in Italy, Germany, Austria, France and UK. To do so, the project will directly

This event aims at collecting and organising, in a structured database, all the relevant information on the platforms, tools, organizations, cultural approaches and experiences already existing in relevant organizations (outside of the partnership), identified by the Benchmark

Following the research on relevant projects results and their analysis, the LATEST Project partners, will organize two webinars: 1st Webinar with EU projects will be held in April 20222nd Webinar with EU projects will be held in

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The multiplier events aim to disseminate the results of LATEST to a wider audience outside the consortium. 12 multiplier events will be organised during the lifetime of LATEST. These events will be divided into four groups of