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Founded in 1818

9000 students

2 113 staff members

3 faculties : the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Business, Economics & Social Sciences

UHOH offers 40 degree programs from Bachelor to PhD level

Stuttgart, Germany

University Of Hohenheim - UHOH

Our Goals

LATEST will develop micro-credential courses to fill this gap, but also to meet the labour market demands and needs for more flexible, learner-centred forms of provision of education and training. Indeed, micro-credentials allow for targeted acquisition of skills and competences, adapted to a changing society and labour market, as well as being part of traditional qualifications. Before developing these courses, LATEST will carry out a need’s analysis of the target groups of learners regarding their skills, knowledge and experience.

Founded in 1818 after devastating famines, the University of Hohenheim (UHOH) is not only engaged in basic research but is traditionally committed to developing innovative solutions for society’s most pressing challenges. Today, UHOH is among the leading research universities worldwide in Agricultural and Food Sciences, as well as unparalleled in Natural Sciences as well as in Business and Economics.

The internationalization strategy of UHOH for the years 2018-2022 stipulates fostering international visibility and competitiveness by defining Bioeconomy and Digital Transformation the focus of research and teaching at UHOH. With almost 10.000 students and 123 professorships UHOH is the smallest research university of the state of Baden-Württemberg, located in its capital Stuttgart. The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences contributes significantly to the development of sustainable production techniques in agriculture and food production as well as protection of biodiversity, consumers, the environment, and animal welfare. In the future, the challenge and aim of the agricultural sector is the holistic use of biological resources.

The vision of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences is a global agricultural system which is productive, environmentally-friendly and socially-minded, and which is in harmony with society’s demand for a multi-purpose orientation.

Agricultural Research in UHOH

At the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, science and research is carried out at institutes with more than 50 departments as well as at research stations. The interdisciplinary research centers and the direct proximity to State Institutes and the Food Security Center open up excellent opportunities for national and international agricultural research. The University of Hohenheim is in a leading position in the acquisition of funding from the German Research Foundation for agricultural purposes and in international rankings, for example the “Best Global Universities Ranking”. Agricultural Engineering in Hohenheim: With 6 departments the Institute of Agricultural Engineering covers a broad area of research topics. The institute deals with different areas of application of agricultural engineering: from animal husbandry to plant production to special crops, the most modern methods are used for research. For example, modelling and simulation promote process understanding, digitization supports the management in agriculture, and artificial intelligence improves the use of agricultural machinery. A comprehensive master’s degree in agricultural engineering is offered in teaching, which is unique in Germany.

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