LATEST ambitions to identify the actual situation and the future educational/skill needs to support a sustainable agricultural transition in the next 15 years in Italy, Germany, Austria, France and UK. To do so, the project will directly involve experts in different fields through five specific focus groups (one per each partner country).

  • UNIUD ‘s Focus group / Italy
  • UHOHO’s Focus group / Germany
  • BOKU’s Focus group / Austria
  • ULS’s Focus group / France
  • HAU’s Focus group / UK

Focus groups have been demonstrated to be useful tools for involving stakeholders and users in strategy development, needs assessment and participatory planning. The participants will be actively involved in developing ideas and concepts, bouncing ideas of each other, to allow LATEST to identify new educational strategies in the field of AgTech; and shape its teaching programs with both their customers (i.e., students) and stakeholders (i.e., industries, professionals, etc.). Each group will be held by an experience moderator able to stimulate a spirited discussion among the participants. Each institution will be in charge of organizing one event which will be run in local language.

These events will be organised between September and December 2022.

Each focus group will involve participants/representatives with different background and experience from the following target groups: Industries/ Consultants/professionals in the field of agrotechnology and precision agriculture Scientists in the field of agroecology, agronomy and agrotechnology Master and PhD students/ Local decision makers/policymakers Farmers organizations.

The methodology will be discussed among partners during the second transnational meeting (May 2022). As well, the data collected during the focus groups will be shared, discussed among partners, and summarised during the fourth transnational meeting (April 2023).