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LATEST 26 avril 2022 0 Comments

Six on-site Transnational Project Meetings will be organised during the project. The LATEST consortium will meet each time at a different partner’s place: between 2 and 3 days long in order to combine project management and work session.

  • Transnational Meeting 0 (M0 – online) in December 2021 (kick-off meeting): M1 has been organised online due to the COVID-19 health situation. It enabled the consortium to set up solid foundations concerning project management, communication, financial management and reporting activities.
  • Transnational Meeting 1 (M1 – 2 days) in Hohenheim in May 2022: M1 will be a mid-period phase 1 point and will focus on WP1, leaded by Hohenheim University, and on WP2.
  • Transnational Meeting 2 (M2 – 2 days) in Beauvais in July/August 2022. This meeting will be used to review the progress and conclusions of the first school year of the project.
  • Transnational Meeting 3 (M3 – 3 days) in Udine in December 2022. It will be the phase 1 end meeting.
  • Transnational Meeting 4 (M4 – 2 days) in Harper Adams University in August 2023

This meeting will focus on WP3, leaded by Harper Adams University.

  • Transnational Meeting 5 (M5 – 2 days) in Vienna in April 2024.

This meeting will focus on WP3 and WP4, leaded by BOKU.

  • Transnational Meeting 6 (M6 – 3 days) in October 2024 in Beauvais.

This meeting will aim at summarizing the project results and at disseminating the results via invited stakeholders. The sustainability of the project after the grant period will also be an important subject.

The LATEST consortium will analyse the overall success of the project in terms of budget, results, management in view of the final report.

Online meetings will also be organized to check the planning, discuss the results, the communication strategy, prepare the events, etc. in order to keep a close communication between the partners.