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LATEST 26 avril 2022 0 Comments

LATEST will reward excellence in learning, teaching and skills development by training academics in new and innovative pedagogies (in particular C1-C7), including trans-disciplinary approaches, new curriculum design.

Two group of training activities will be organised:

  1. Two Intensive courses to train the teaching team
  2. Five Short-term intensive programmes for learners

Each project partner will be in charge for the implementation of one of these activities.

LATEST will focus on the implementation of cross-cutting activities on the topic of agrotechnology for a sustainable agricultural transition both at bachelor and master level, mainly as on-demand contents, to test the chosen e-learning platform and tools and to understand the response by the students.

The cross-cutting activities will be accessible to 50 users per institution for a period of one academic year (2023- 2024). Finally, specific open online modules on research methods in the field of sustainability and agricultural transition swill be developed for PhD students.